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We are Sheffield RICS Chartered Surveyors with an office at Hillsborough. We have been undertaking residential house and property surveys and valuations in the Sheffield area for over twenty years. 

Our particular interests are pre-purchase Homebuyers Surveys and Building Surveys. We also undertake structural and specific defect investigations most commonly for suspected subsidence and dampness.

We prepare RICS valuations for a wide range of purposes including Help to Buy Valuations, probate, matrimonial, taxation and insolvency.

Our surveyors frequently prepare expert witness reports for boundary disputes, matrimonial disputes and claims against small builders in respect of kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories and the re-covering of roofs. We have also prepared reports on a walls and rights of way. Steve Butler RICS Chartered Surveyor has appeared in the Crown Court to give evidence as an expert witness, at the First Tier Property Tribunal as an advocate.

Being independent RICS Surveyors enables us to provide a bespoke service to clients. We can offer a rapid response and once at the property don't have to rush of to the next instruction. As we usually only undertake two instructions a day each client gets the time that they deserve and we always encourage them to attend the property and discuss matters at first hand.










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Photographs of a property inspected by our RICS surveyors undertaking a Building Survey and Report of a 1930's terrace near Birmingham

Our surveyors found missing window lintels, incorrectly aligned gutters, chimney salts and exposed metal on electrical fittings

The property has very thin bay window and dormer window roofs. These roofs are unlikely to be insulated. Retrospective insulation will be difficult.

The top of the dormer window is above gutter level suggesting that parts of the first floor are constructed within the roof to save money. The first floor ceilings of the property are likely to be angled and are unlikely to be insulated. Retrospective insulation can be difficult. It may be possible to push rigid sheets of insulation down the angles from the main roof void.

The property has only one air brick at the centre of the bay. There should ideally be additional ones either side of the bay to ensure a good flow of air under the property helping prevent damp and decay.

The bay window felt is old and likely to be life expired. The metal weatherproofing has come away from the juncture with the wall exposing the timber that supports the brickwork above the bay. Sagging brickwork over the bay may be due to the lintel being slightly undersized or having shrunk and not due to active decay

Brickwork at the rear had fracture due to the omission of a lintel above the replacement frame. The original timber window frames would have been stronger and not have needed lintels to be able to properly support the brickwork above.

 A gutter that falls the wrong way and is likely to hold water or even spill. Gutters that hold water also collect silt and block up.


Defects seen by our Sheffield during RICS Homebuyers Reports and Building Surveys in the Sheffield area


This modern roof structure alarmed our Sheffield Chartered Surveyors as the trusses are acting independently of each other. They can be seen as a row of dominos that could easily topple over in adverse conditions. These types of roofs should have horizontal timbers at the apex and half way down the face of each roof face to tie the structure together. There should also be diagonal timbers across the faces of the roof running upwards from the bottom corners towards the apex at forty-five degrees. The metal straps are to stop the gable end brickwork falling out and should really be anchored to a horizontal timber that is nailed across three of the trusses.

Our Sheffield RICS Surveyors were particularly concerned by this door. It is an attic bedroom door in a three storey Victorian house. The door is not able to resist fire to protect the occupier of the attic room if there is a fire and they cannot escape. The bedroom, living room and kitchen doors fronting a potential escape route should also be half hour fire resisting. In the three storey properties any cellar should have a ceiling.

Insulated toilet waste pipe that is inside a cellar. The insulation is a complte waste of the material. The prospects of the pipe freezing without insualtion are remote. Ground temperature is about 8 degrees once you get below the surface and sewers are warm.

Here is a handy guide used by our surveyors to date houses and extensions from the thickness of the insulation unless insulation has been added retrospectively. The Land Registry is also a good source of information as it usually has a reference to the house or plot on which it is built first being sold. Old OS sheets can also give a rough idea of when a property was built and also the date of extensions.